Weekend of 18 & 19 April 2015


This weekend the moon renews itself in the sign of the Spring Lamb!!


Saturday we are refreshed, renewed, restored!!  The moon springs past our daystar in Aries at 11 57 AM Pacific, 2 57 PM eastern time, igniting our fires and filling us with hope, inspiration and ambition.  What a spring!


Those of us who rise for midnight prayer on the west coast Sunday morning will Know an immediate and Inspired Word.


Sunday brings new direction,  like fine language with harp strings.  The afternoon is for hard play as we are bursting with energy by 1 39 PM Pacific, 4 39 PM eastern time.


4 07 PM Pacific, 7 07 PM eastern time, brings a long sought solution to those who are listening.


Monday begins a week that will go quickly!  


Heavens plan for tomorrow is brought to you by www.ChristianAstrology.biz!!

Keep calm and pray on!!


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