Weekend of 4 & 5 July 2015


A holiday weekend in full swing!! The bright independent Gemini sun has us in the mood to see straight, hard, and clear.  A Capricorn mood bolsters our views of tradition till Sunday, when Aquarian ideas reinforce them!.


This weekend may indeed be hard for some of us to comprehend.  On Saturday we feel as if we need to review our own inner workings, desires and aspirations, in order to weigh our dreams in the balance.  Considering this is American Independence Day, a tall order!  Those of us who are Wise will have no problems seeing, and the very Wisest will not slow down a moment.


Those of us who rise for prayer on the east coast will feel our doubts, our uncertainty, most keenly.


Sunday finds us launching a whole new set of directives for our personal Quest!


God bless America!


The wise will keep in mind that this is a most blessed season.  This may be the right time to seek help and healing from others, from companionship, from community.  Most of our major obstacles in all walks of life step from within us;  they will have a lot to do with our own immaturity, impatience, imperfect understanding.  Especially patience!!  We can meet our grown up challenges now, or face them hard on on the 1st of August.  This will be a fairly easy task, as our ability to focus inward, and meet our own inner critic, is heightened until September 24th.  Much hard work to do, but now is the perfect time!  Our inner eye, our imaginal capacity, has turned inward.  We have a perfect window for self reflection and questioning our own ideals, beliefs, and long term plans.  We may notice that what has been the object of our fantasy or dream pursuit is now turned about, pursuing us, through November 18th 2015.  This will be especially important and relevant to us from late July through September.  


Heavens plan for tomorrow is brought to you by!!

Keep calm and pray on!!


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