Monday 30 March 2015

The final week of March and Easter approaches!!  The sun sparkles in the sign of the Enchanted Fishes, chiming perfectly with the romantic Cancer moon.  What a week!

First thing this morning, 5 46 AM Pacific, 8 46 AM eastern time, we have an insight, which may seem like a deep inspiration.  The wise will stew on this a while longer.  By 6 19 AM Pacific, 9 19 AM eastern time, we  may have made a serious error in our approach;  the Wisest will stew a bit longer!  Within the the hour we will have a solid calculable Inspiration upon which we may build the rest of our day;  no earlier than 7 AM Pacific, 10 AM eastern time.  

Tuesday brings us lots of energy and a target for which to aim.

Friday the 3rd of April is Good Friday, coinciding with the full moon in Virgo, and a total lunar eclipse.  This may be quite intense for sensitives! Next Sunday is Easter.  Many devout Christians use this period of Lent as a time to sacrifice, fast, become At One with the suffering of the world, as did their Lord.  Many of us will choose a level of fasting, either from food or from some form of energy.  Purification is perhaps a good way to describe such a strengthening act. 

Heavens plan for tomorrow is brought to you by!!

Keep calm and pray on!!



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