Wednesday 22 October 2014

The sun hangs in the Balance!!  We too are conscious of both the delicacy of life and it's infinite stretch.  The thoughtful Virgo moon reflects our own depths.

A busy morning!!  We may find ourselves lost in thought often, not exactly wool gathering but thinking, 'what if?'.  This is the time to explore those roads not taken.

By 7 25 AM Pacific, 10 25 AM eastern time, we have surprised ourselves!

At 2 25 PM Pacific, 5 25 PM eastern time, we have A Word made for sharing;  it is most important now to speak to those we love and to those we must release.  Enormous good will ensue!

This evening at 5 48 PM Pacific, 8 48 PM eastern time, we feel the Spirit!!

Thursdays new moon in Libra promises a brand new start in our spiritual pursuits!  We are thrice blessed to embrace our souls purpose now. 

Heavens plan for tomorrow is brought to you by!!

Keep calm and pray on!!


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