Weekend of 20 & 21  December 2014

This Wednesday is Christmas Eve!

The last weekend before Christmas!! Amid the bright, fiery stars of Sagittarius, the Horseman, our daystar the sun reaches its lowest, slowest, darkest hour; on Saturday; we are wise to be introspective yet expectant.  We will dream most vividly of healing words and distant vistas of wondrous beauty and charm;  we may bring much of that forward with us upon waking.  

The Scorpio moon can be dark, almost too much for the most sensitive of us to handle;  an uplifting visit to neighbors might be in order, especially at 9 08 AM Pacific, 12 08 AM eastern time.  Early perhaps but a text, email, phone, or prayer would go just as well, and the results will be surprising!

Our day will be busy and bright; at 1 09 PM Pacific, 4 09 PM eastern time Saturday, we may form a new attachment, find a fresh value, eternal and intense and made of pure soul.  Be alert, for this will happen, very close indeed to the beginning of the new year, and carry tremendous energy forward!

On Sunday the new moon ushers in the rebirth of the sun, both in the sign of Victory.  Our optimism and magnanimity of spirit begins quite early in the day, before dawn, and intensifies our receptivity to happy accidents.  At 3 03 PM Pacific, 6 03 PM eastern time, the sun is renewed for 2015 in the light of the stars of beautiful, musical Lyra, the celestial Harp. This enchanted music maker was made from a tortoise shell by Hermes, the archetype of healing words, the first magician, a forerunner of Coyote.  The individual names for these stars indicate the nature of the constellation is one of Being Exalted, The Springing Up, The Fishing Eagle, and The Eagle.  Those people and relationships born under these stars are endowed with intellectual qualities, with a lofty sense of justice and wisdom, are unusually sensitive, and are attracted by tenderness and trust. 

At 5 36 PM Pacific, 8 36 PM eastern time, the moon and sun unite against these musical spheres in complete renewal of the Cycle.  As we are wise, we will also listen intently to the sound coming both from within and above;  many messages!

 The Wisest among us will set aside Sunday evening for the most ancient of song!

Heavens plan for tomorrow is brought to you by www.ChristianAstrology.biz!!

Keep calm and pray on!!


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