Weekend of 28 February and 1 March 2015

March forward!! The sun sparkles, airy and light, from free thinking Aquarius in perfect harmony with the Gemini moon.  On Sunday we may feel spring cleaning coming on as the moon swarms into Cancer.

A good weekend to spend at home, connecting via our social mediums.  Saturday will bring more than one surprise!

Sunday is the 1st of March!!  The day begins with Inspiration, perhaps an Inspired Word!!  We are wise to peruse our meditative tools in the afternoon.

Monday is a real spring workout!! 

Many devout Christians use this period of Lent as a time to sacrifice, fast, become At One with the suffering of the world, as did their Lord.  Many of us will choose a level of fasting, either from food or from some form of energy.  Purification is perhaps a good way to describe such a strengthening act. 

Heavens plan for tomorrow is brought to you by www.ChristianAstrology.biz!!

Keep calm and pray on!!



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