Wednesday 27 May 2015


The sun, our daystar, roams the star fields of glorious Taurus, making this a summer day!  The Virgo moon inspires our need to plant, nurture, tend the garden!  


First thing this morning, 3 37 AM Pacific, 6 37 AM eastern time, we have a sudden urge to speak, a fierce need to express ourselves in words. Try a journal;  the Wise will leave all unuttered.


Just after noon, 12 45 PM Pacific, 3 45 PM eastern, we understand the reason for our biting our tongue, withholding our words.  A blessing descends upon all those who have restrained their anger now.  


A further kernel of wisdom settles down at 5 16 PM Pacific, 8 16 PM eastern time.


Thursday is a much better, brighter day yet! 


Heaven will remain on vacation as Mercury, the orb of communication and travel, spins about retrograde in Taurus;  we will feel this about-face most concretely, and are wise to postpone important projects or changes till the 20th of June which may have to do with gardening, our home, any banking or financial decisions.  The current retrograde, from now till June 20, is perfect to go over old ground, to retrench, or to recover a loss.     


Heavens plan for tomorrow is brought to you by!!

Keep calm and pray on!!


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