Tuesday 22 July 2014
A great day in summer starts off a little bumpy; the warm golden sun may prove tempting for us to shrug off work and duty in order to enjoy what the Edenic Taurus moon has to offer!!  A soft breeze, green grass, a leafy tree, who would trade that for traffic, office, and the daily grind?  We will, with the reward at the end of the day!!
By 5 29 PM Pacific, 8 29 PM eastern time, we have a sudden unexpected surprise leap out at us from a smiling heaven;  a gift of kindness unearned!
A lazy evening, with plenty of chat time!!
Wednesday is less lazy and promises real fun and laughter!

Heavens plan for tomorrow is brought to you by www.ChristianAstrology.biz!

Please pray for our country!!

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