Wednesday 29 June 2016

A bright smile from the Gemini sun invigorates our day!!  We feel like sharing news, good ideas, great plans for get togethers this weekend!  An Aries moon impels us to get out and get moving!  The moon will renew itself in the sign of the Twins on Monday, July 4th.  What a great way to renew our own soul gardens!

We are really energized today!  We throw off the laziness of summery haze and get right to it!!  We are blessed with a second wind at 4 28 PM Pacific, 7 28 PM eastern time.  The planet of industry and ironworks will come back into direct focus and kick us where we need a booster!

No doubt we are back on top of our game!

On the Pacific coast, 11 PM will bring us a most interesting observation!

On Thursday June will leave us, with more blessings than we have had all month!!

Heavens plan for tomorrow is brought to you by!

Keep calm and pray on!!


Our Money

     I hate to say it, but I told you so! 

     I began my warnings as soon as Saturn, the planet of NO!!! went into the markets' sensitive fifth house of Scorpio.  The fifth house rules all speculation.  It should be screamingly obvious that we aren't going to progress till the old Iron Giant is out of the picture here!

    Scorpio itself has close connections with our most intimate feelings, our depths, and this applies to our feelings and depths regarding finances too.  Most of us have a love/hate relationship with money, and with the idea of gaining it through speculation.  Some of us dance this way with food, too, evinced by the pro-anas among us as equally a Scorpio connection (control and purge).  If we haven't been minding our healthy vibrations and attitudes, we sure took a purge on the 24th.

    Following my own advice, I was out of the market and will remain so till February 5th 2017.  The Lord of the Rings will finally move into Sagittarius, calming the turmoil and squashing the unrest from overseas, from foreign markets and from unnecessary and unlawful laws.

     Another of the major factors of which we must be carefully cognizant is Pluto in Sagittarius, in the sixth house of everyday every day, of employees, of open enemies.  Pluto brings out our zits and boils them to a head, which is necessary for cleanliness and health, and which really hurts and looks disgusting.  Sagittarius is the law and The Law, all thing foreign and foreign to us, and religion, and journeys.  I think you can see what the real root of the matter is here!  Brexit was ordained in the world, and while it hurts right now, it is the lancing of a long stagnant boil.

     Uranus, the wildcard of the zodiac, who goes KA-BOOM! when we least expect it, is sitting at the very top of the markets chart, the House of Glory.  In Pisces, the electric blue orb will stir our emotions, our artistry, our extremes.  Well it sure has!  Right now, Uranus sits at the karmic 29th degree of the Karmic sign of sacrifice.  Ta da!  As the markets natal moon sits at 27 degrees of Pisces just inside the tenth house cusp, we realize that our emotions are the sky horses which we must delicately balance with our Reigns.  


     Today, the 29th of June 2016, the moon is approaching the orb of charity, Venus, among the stars of Aries in the tenth house of glory and professions.  It promises to be a fairly positive day for all of us!!  While in Aries, but waning, we can shed fears and sorrows easily!

The Future of A Christian Nation

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