Monday 5 October 2015


Autumn advances quickly;  a bright red, gold and bronze sun rests in the sign of the Celestial Gardener, Virgo while the moon rockets though Gemini for most of the day.  We are in the mood to scan our society and our social values.  By 3 49 PM Pacific, 6 49 PM eastern time, we are in clean up mode, and no scrap of the  house is safe from our cleaning frenzy for the next couple of days!!


Today begins another bumpy week, with obstacles popping up which must now be addressed.  We make many surprise discoveries today;  we can expect one or two unflattering notes to sound.


Tuesday finds even more urges for self improvement among our things-do-do lists.


The entire rest of October is slated toward friendship, fellowship, romantic connections par excellence!!  A great autumn looms ahead!  


Mercury, orb of communication and travel, the marketplace and thieves, is spinning backward in exacting, temperamental Virgo, the Celestial Gardner.  Now is our opportunity to rethink, review, reinvestigate, review again and puff off, parlay or pretend what if;  mental activity now will pay off ten times!!  Mercury will resume its right flight on the 9th of October.


Heavens plan for tomorrow is brought to you by!!

Keep calm and pray on!!



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