Wednesday 1 October 2014

A clear sparkling sky hosts a prim Virgo sun and an adventurous Sagittarian moon!  What a way to begin!

By 6 59 AM Pacific, 9 59 AM eastern time, we have a fresh view, a new path, a hot lead!  A great autumn morning to pursue our dreams!

By 12 33 PM Pacific, 3 33 PM eastern time, we may have realized a flaw in our original plan is there due to our own inner misperceptions.  Thank God for Virgo!

At 4 48 PM Pacific, 7 48 PM eastern time, we have a sharp cold clear insight into solving exactly the problem we found earlier;  not just within but upon our earth plane walk.  

The late evening hours bring us much to muse upon in the western coasts.  At 11 11 PM Pacific time we are pointedly aware of potential disaster;  being aware is half the battle won!

Thursday brings us a calm, collected mind.  

Heavens plan for tomorrow is brought to you by!!

Please pray for our country.


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