Friday 27 May 2016
A slim white moon at the very Top of the zodiac sends glimmers into our loyalty spheres.  Family and friends are important now, especially those living closest to us.  The sun, our own star, fills our hearts with appreciation for our wondrous Home from the green stars of sidereal of Taurus.  Our appreciation for all things alive and growing blooms noticeably.
We begin this long weekend with a sense of reverence for the past, and a desire to reach out into our future. Continuity, continuance, posterity!  Our stars never set!
Though we may have plans and be in a bit of a hurry, we will discover that haste makes for a turtles pace.  Especially in the afternoon, the more careful and deliberate our actions, the quicker it will go right!
This begins a three day weekend, as Monday is Memorial Day.  We may wisely choose to spend our time with as many of our older connections as we can!

Heavens plan for tomorrow is brought to you by!!

Keep calm and pray on!!


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