Last weekend in August 2015


Leo reclines across the heavens like the plump orange cat that he is, and we too feel disinclined to hurry.  A slow, lazy, slumbery weekend, with a full Aquarius moon flooding our dreams with strange vistas and outer world colors.  The moon will wanes slowly into dreamy Pisces on Sunday.


Saturday was made for dreaming, not doing!!  We may have real difficulty focusing, getting started on anything, and to finish is pretty much out of the question.  The moon, full in Aquarius, stirs our imagination, churns our inner child, fires our impulses.  If we are sensitive to the full moon, we may need to crochet, knit, paint, or do yard work.  We would most wisely just enjoy the end of summer instead!


Sunday finds us equally open to sailing with no wind.


Monday jacks us up out of our lazy dazed and into it, full force!!


Heavens plan for tomorrow is brought to you by!!

Keep calm and pray on!!



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