'And to the angel Cassiel who guides the congregation of Capricorn, write: 

'so says the Gate Keeper, the Guardian of the Universe, the Doorway to the past present and future.

'I know you have the heart of a giant, but the size of a mouse.  I have opened a door just for you that no one can shut, because you love Me!

'All those who have lied about themselves, telling you how strong they are, how big and mighty and important they are, how much better they are than anyone else, will be at your feet.  I will keep them there, because I love you.

'And because I love you, and because you really really love Me, I will keep all the horror that is in the earth from falling on you.

'I am already here, so hold on tight, and let no one knock your crown!

'And the ones who are there waiting for Me I will turn into pillars in living temple of Yahweh, never to be left out of anything important again.  He will be called by My own name and be a recognized citizen of New Jerusalem, in the New Eden, in the Restored Earth.


'Say this to ALL the churches.'



     To Capricorn under Cassiel, also called Saturn,  and those who live in Philadelphia,  Jesus has found no fault;  not in these people, this angel, or this dwelling place;   He has nothing but the promise of His Name to offer!  He notes that we have kept His commandments, endured patiently, and have the deeds to prove it.  He promises to keep us from tribulation.

     Jesus says, 'I AM the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser,'  in John 15:1.

     How gloriously grand!




Commanding Capricorn 


The top, or midheaven, of the zodiac is commanded by this old sign, whose most shining qualities are loyalty, industriousness, resolution, and rationality. 

The true nature of Capricorn is water, hence feeling. They do not emote openly as do Cancer natives, yet they feel even more deeply due to their watery depths.

The duality of human nature is represented here by the goat, innocently but rapaciously grazing on a mountaintop, having the tale of a huge fish, which, free and wild, thunders through the sea. 

The natural Capricorn native struggles with the same rapacious appetite, the same drive that thunders through the natural world. How does the prudent Christian Capricorn reconcile such opposites? By using the Serious force within to concentrate her energies, rather than trying to restrict from without.

The Serious Influence is at home in the sign at the Top. Seriousness, the heavenly doorstop, or Influence which says 'Enough!', is what gives our life form, structure, boundaries, even to limitations. Here is the influence which inspires us to do most serious planning and growth; we mature by measuring ourselves against ourselves. It is we, rather than the influence, which decides whether or not we make the grade. 
Seriousness represents our commitment to the sacrament of holy orders.

The apostolic connection to Capricorn comes in the form of tax collector Matthew; in the Hebrew Scriptures, we have reference to Napthali who goes forth as a hind.

The natural scent of Capricorn is a pine tree by the seashore. The intriguing metals are pewter or lead. Most Capricorns can be matched with onyx, jet, smoky quartz or malachite as their gemstones, but the smoky quartz is the wisest choice by far. This quartz stabilizes and enhances security and safety, encouraging awareness and responsibility of the Earth as a biosphere and living being, and helps one to accept ones place on the planet; healing fear, depression, addictions, and obsessions.

The materials and fabrics are leather, cashmere, and hemp.

The foods exclusively Capricorn are mushrooms, carob, barley, beer, potatoes and all their forms, and poppy seeds. 

These associations give the prudent Christian Capricorn a deeper insight into his nature and place in the world. 

Your words of knowledge are, 'I am solidly integrated!'

The garden of Capricorn centers on holly, carnation, mistletoe, pansy, hemp, aconite, poppy seed, carob, comfrey, skullap, oak, wintergreens, all moss, thistles, and pine. The centerpiece is a any reference to Time, such as an hourglass, though the wisest of gardeners center on a unicorn.

The most effective pilgrimage for Capricorn and anyone with a strong influx of the Serious influence would be to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. 

The most effective shrine would be in an old church, or a vault, sepulcher, tomb, like a mausoleum; an animal manger or pen; on thorny or barren ground; in the cellar, a deep pit; in a convent, a cave; or a deserted forest. Dedicate the shrine in the key of G. 

Uniquely Capricorn


In a general sense, the term Holy Orders refers to those in the Christian religion who have been ordained in Apostolic Succession. As a more theologically technical term in the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Anglican, Old Catholic, Independent Catholic and Assyrian churches, it is a Sacrament or Holy Mystery in which the candidate is ordained as a bishop, priest or deacon.

The purpose of the Sacrament is to constitute a person as a minister within the Church.


Deacons are ministers of service, delegated to act in the name of the Church and therefore are able to witness marriages (the Sacrament of Matrimony is actually conferred by the couple on each other, with the deacon as witness), to baptize solemnly (any human being may baptize in an emergency but a deacon may do so on ordinary occasions with full ceremony), and to preach.

Priestly Ordination, a popular devotional depiction of ordination in the Roman Catholic Church from the 1920s.Bishops receive the "Spirit of governance" and are the successors of the Apostles, as a group (that is, the "college" or body of bishops is the successor body to the college of apostles; in Roman Catholic theology, there is a belief that the apostle Peter had a role of leadership in the college of apostles, which the pope retains today among the bishops, but this is not accepted by the Orthodox churches; sacramentally the pope is a bishop). Bishops, since they have the "fullness of orders," therefore may confer all seven of the sacraments. Bishops are governors of the church to the point where a bishop in the Catholic Church, even if not given authority over a functional diocese, will be given a "titular" or honorary diocese (a diocese that no longer exists) as a gesture toward the notion that a bishop is ordained for leadership.


Priests, as cooperators of the bishops in their sacramental ministry, may confect all of the sacraments except Holy Orders, the sacrament of governance, itself.
It was the mission of the Apostles to go forth into all the world and preach the Gospel, baptizing those who believed in the name of the Holy Trinity (Matthew 28:18-20). In the Early Church those who presided over congregations were referred to variously as episcopos (bishop) or presbyteros (priest). These successors of the Apostles were ordained to their office by the laying on of hands, and according to Orthodox theology formed a living, organic link with the Apostles, and through them with Jesus Christ himself.[5] This link is believed to continue in unbroken succession to this day. Over time, the ministry of bishops (who hold the fullness of the priesthood) and presbyters or priests (who hold a portion of the priesthood as bestowed by their bishop) came to be distinguished. In Orthodox termology, the terms priesthood and sacerdotal refer to the ministry of bishops and priests. All of the ordination ceremonies take place during the Divine Liturgy.


A bishop is the Teacher of the Faith, the carrier of Sacred Tradition, and the living Vessel of Grace through whom the energeia (divine grace) of the Holy Spirit flows into the rest of the church.[5] A bishop is consecrated through the laying on of hands by other bishops, normally at least two or three, but in emergency situations, such as times of persecution, a single bishop may ordain another. His consecration takes place before the Little Entrance of the Liturgy. A Gospel Book is laid over the head of the one being ordained, and the consecrating bishops lay their hands upon the Gospel Book, while the prayer of ordination is read, after this, he ascends the synthranon (bishop's throne in the sanctuary) for the first time.

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