And to the Raphael who guides the congregation of Virgo, write:

'So I say, as the true faithful witness of the creation of the entire universe by Yahweh, 

'You are the walking dead.  If you were hateful and rejected Me, or became too intense, I could stand it, I would know there was some hope for us;  but you are just going through the motions.  There is no more heart in you.  You have become numb and lame and zombified.

'You say you don't need Me anymore, that you can take care of yourself and you are just fine on your own.

'You have no idea how awful you look from here.  

'I am only saying this because I love you and I don't want anything to fall on you like it is about to; it's a harsh, unkind, uncaring world and it will rend you apart.  You don't see that because you believe in yourself;  well I believe in you, too, so believe in Me!

'I am right here, at the door, hoping you will open it for me and things will be like we planned.  I want you to be sitting at the table with me in the New Eden in the Restored Earth, just as we will sit together beside Yahweh, at the center of existence.


Say this to ALL the churches!'



     To Virgo through the angel Raphael, otherwise known as the orb Mercury, who is in charge of all those people, places, and issues, as illustrated by his guidance of Laodecia.  Some modern students of the Scriptures think that the Laodecian attitude is too much like our own times to dismiss.  The keyword these profound seers repeat is 'indifference', and the major crime is blown opportunity.  Mercury's angel Raphael is the angel of communication;  in this century we have unlimited access to knowledge, communication, and exchange of ideas. 

     How do we employ this unique gift of human technology?  Have we spread the gospel in our own words?  Been encouraging, uplifting, loving to each other?

     In a starkly truthful and unvarnished letter, the church of Laodecia receives little favor in the Lords eyes. 

     To Raphael, Jesus has nothing good to say at all;  rather He complains that the whole church is limp and tepid in its' fervor.  The shallowness of character is evinced by a luxurious lifestyle in spiritual poverty;  the walking dead, as it were. 


   In this letter, the last to the angels of the planets, and to us, He says:  'Here I Am!!  I stand at the door and knock.  If you hear My voice and open to Me, I will come in and sup with you.'  Revelation 3:20.   What an awesome invitation!

     Further, Jesus counsels the church to buy gold refined in the fire, white clothes, and eye salve, from Him, when we invite Him in for our meal. 

     Jesus says to us, "I am the gate; if anyone enters through Me, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture." John 10:9

     Don't forget!! 


Vigilant Virgo


The bright stars of Virgo are considered by many to be the most important in the whole heavens. Virgos most admirable traits are discernment, tactfulness, intelligence, and industriousness.

The woman in the sky expresses her dual nature by holding a branch.

Which influence is most at home in the Discriminating sign of Virgo? Is it coolly mental, fastidious Mercury, bringing his winged Good News to the cerebral sign? Or Chiron, also a messenger of the spirit world, with tales to tell of unbelievable wisdom? As with any of the coruled signs, Virgo has the dual task of reconciling its nature both from within it's innate duality, and from without, in it's attempt to follow two masters. A most difficult task, attempted by a most complex character; either scintillating success or total disaster is the fate of a Virgo. 

Good News is our continuing confession and testimony of salvation through following the examples and doing the works of Jesus Christ. Chiron is the Wounded Healer, another way of saying Jesus Christ. 

The natural scent of Virgo is lavender. Mercury the planet rules this sign, so logically enough, the metal is mercury too. 

The traditional gemstones are sapphire, jade, peridot or pink jasper. Additionally, the ametrine can be used to stabilize the balance between spirituality and ones daily life, which is so important to a Virgo. This stone is said to aid in bringing the spiritual values and abilities into daily use, and support spirituality as a way of life. 

A good choice of fabric for the basic Virgo is canvas; casual, strong, goes everywhere, never wears out, and you get your moneys worth!

Typical Virgo foods are wheat, barley, honey, corn, licorice. 

These associations give the prudent Christian Virgo a deeper insight into his nature and place in the world. 

Your words of knowledge are, 'At last! This is what I have been waiting for!!'

The Virgo garden shows aster, heather, lavender, myrtle, pink geranium, fern, gentian, caraway, celery, sassafras, savory, valerian, aster, fennel, azalea, dill, and mulberry, with a beautiful woman or angel holding the cornucopia, or the Mother Mary in the center.

The most effective pilgrimage for a Virgo, or anyone with a strong influx of influence from Good News would be to Notre Dame de Dalbade Toulouse in France. A further visit to ones ancestral home would complete the journey.

The most responsive place to establish a shrine would be a garden, cornfield, any place where fruit and vegetables are kept and where hay, wheat, barley, cheese or butter are stored; any place where books, papers, maps, charts, planes, or medicines are stored. Establish the shrine with the tone of F.






Anointing of the Sick is one of the seven Sacraments.

Anointing of the Sick is the ritual anointing of a sick person and is a Sacrament of the Catholic Church. It is also described, using the more archaic synonym "unction" in place of "anointing", as Unction of the Sick or Extreme Unction. Although less common, this sacrament is also referred to as the Administration to the sick by some ecclesial communities.

The early-twentieth-century Catholic Encyclopedia states: "In previous ages the sacrament was known by a variety of names, e.g., the holy oil, or unction, of the sick; the unction or blessing of consecrated oil; the unction of God; the office of the unction; etc. In the Eastern Church the later technical name is euchelaion (i.e. prayer-oil); but other names have been and still are in use, e.g. elaion hagion (holy), or hegismenon (consecrated), elaion, elaiou Chrisis, chrisma, etc."

When these words were written, the official name of the sacrament in the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church was Extreme Unction (meaning, Final Anointing), a name attached to it when it was administered, as one of the "Last Rites", only to people in immediate danger of death. To reflect the restored discipline whereby, in the Latin Church as in other ancient Christian Churches, the sacrament is to be conferred on those who are "dangerously ill", this Church now always uses the name "Anointing of the Sick". "Extreme Unction" naturally continues in popular use, and is always used by those who prefer to keep the terminology that was customary before the Second Vatican Council (see Traditionalist Catholic).

The term "Last Rites" is not equivalent to "Anointing of the Sick", since it refers also to two other distinct rites: Penance and Eucharist, the last of which, when administered to the dying, is known as "Viaticum", a word whose original meaning in Latin was "provision for the journey". The normal order of administration is: first Penance (if the dying person is physically unable to confess, absolution, conditional on the existence of contrition, is given), then Anointing, then Viatecum.

Biblical text
The chief Biblical text concerning anointing of the sick is James 5:14-15: "Are any among you sick? They should call for the elders of the Church and have them pray over them, anointing them with oil in the name of the Lord. And their prayer offered in faith will heal the sick, and the Lord will make them well. And if they have committed sins, these will be forgiven."
Matthew 10:8, Luke 10:8-9 and Mark 6:13 are also quoted in this regard.

An extensive account of the teaching of the Catholic Church on Anointing of the Sick is given in Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1499-1532.

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